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Organize your link in your personal webpage

With linkOrganizer you can save your favourite links in a personal webpage.
When you browse the web, the sites you watch are usually the same. With linkorganizer you can open these sites in few seconds without wasting time , you can also archive all of your interesting and useful pages.
For each link you can save its name and a short description that allows you to remember the link's argument. You can organize your links by directories . When you click on a link , a popup window with the link loaded will appear.

Example of a link
An example of a linkorganizer link. Knowledge based wiki.

The best way to view the power of linkOrganizer is to try it, just spend some minutes to gain confidence.
Register Now and try it.
It's all and forever free!

If you want to try it, use:
User Name: demo
Password: pippo
The site have no responsability for the links users save.

The window of link Organizer

NB: To use linkorganizer you must allow popup in your browser or in your antivurs


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